ARADO 17th Conference

11 December 2017 | Mr. Ziad Hayek, Secretary General of the HCP, has participated in the 17th annual conference of the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO), a specialized organization affiliated with the League of Arab States. The conference which was hosted by the Arab League at its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt on December 11, 2017, was entitled “PPP – new models for economic development”. Speaking in the session on post- conflict PPP, Mr. Hayek underlined the importance of PPP as a tool for recovery in Syria after the war, given its role in developing basic infrastructure which is essential for economic growth and job creation. Mr. Hayek drew on the Lebanese experience after the end of the civil war, where PPP was pursued in the postal and telecommunications sectors and highlighted how it helped in economic recovery in spite of its subpar design and execution. Mr. Hayek also urged post- conflict governments to aim for quick wins rather than perfect solutions and advised them to build high caliber hotels to encourage investors to visit, noting that investors in oil and gas and natural resources are the first to return to post-conflict regions, followed by investors in telecommunications and power while infrastructure investors are the last to return (eight years post-conflict).

Finally, Mr. Hayek stressed the importance of international donors whose direct financing of reconstruction would curb corruption and guarantee efficient project execution.

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