Corporatization of Electricite du Liban (EdL)

In preparation for privatization, Law 462 calls for the corporatization of EdL through the establishment of one or more joint-stock companies, governed by the provisions of the Commercial Code, to carry out all or part of the power generation and distribution activities, while the transmission company remains government owned.
In 2008, the consulting consortium led by Mercados, retained by the HCP, developed a proposal for restructuring EdL through its corporatization into four generation companies, two distribution companies and one transmission company which would also plays the role of the single buyer, until Law 462 is amended to allow segregation of these two functions into two different companies. All these companies work under a holding company, which is not subject to privatization. Although the structure was approved by the HCP, it was not implemented due to disagreement by successive Ministers of Energy and Water on restructuring EdL into several entities.

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