Corporatization of Liban Telecom

Based on Law 431 which called for the establishment of Liban Telecom through the merger of the operations of Ogero and two directorates of the Ministry of Telecommunications, the Lebanese Council of Ministers adopted in 2005 Decree Law 13944, approving the by-laws of Liban Telecom and its creation as a joint stock company (S.A.L.) for a period of 99 years.
The first attempt to corporatize Liban Telecom was initiated in 2006 when the HCP retained Booz Allen Hamilton (Lebanon) Limited ("BAH") in connection with the establishment of Liban Telecom and its operational readiness to become the flagship telecommunications services provider in the Lebanese Republic. The work was divided into two phases; a planning phase and an implementation phase. BAH completed the first phase in 2007 and submitted startegy and financial plan, an operating model, marketing and sales plans, customer service plan as well as technology, IT and service layer strategies. The corporatization process was discontinued at this point and was not carried forward into the implementation phase which required the appointment of a Board of Directors, a step which was not politically agreed upon at this stage.

In 2014, the HCP resolved to resume the corporatization process and decided to engage a consultant to update the existing work conducted 7 years earlier by BAH and to arrange for the operational readiness of Liban Telecom, in order to enable the Lebanese Republic to kick start the implementation phase of the process.

In April 2015, the HCP issued a Request for Proposals inviting qualified and experienced consultants to submit a comprehensive proposal to help in achieving the update of BAH existing

Following bids evaluation, Strategy& was declared the winning bidder in June 2015, however, no contract was signed.

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