Proposed by the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, the Khalde – Nahr Ibrahim expressway project was approved as a potential PPP project by the HCP, under the chairmanship of the President of the Council of Ministers, in February 2018.

The key project components are as follows:

  • Total length of the expressway is 38 km divided into a tunnel section of 12 km and a dual 3-4 lane expressway of total length approximately 20 km, Interchanges, service roads and bridges.
  • GoL might consider splitting the execution of this expressway into different standalone sections for ease of implementation and for securing the funds for the expropriation.

In order to assess the feasibility of the project on a PPP basis, the HCP has signed with EBRD an agreement for the provision of consultancy services to the project.

The Project Steering Committee is chaired by Mr. Ziad Hayek, HCP Secretary General, and includes Mr. Tanios Boulos, representing the Minister of Public Works and Transportation. The Minister of Finance’s representative has not been appointed yet.

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