The International Centre of Excellence in PPP for Ports

As part of the United Nations’ effort to help member countries implement the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – and in particular SDG No. 17, which deals with Partnerships, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the High Council for Privatization have agreed to establish the International Specialist Centre of Excellence in PPP for Ports (ICE4P) in Beirut, Lebanon.
The High Council for Privatization (HCP) will be hosting ICE4P in its existing premises at the Grand Serail, for an initial term of three years


The centre’s mission is to contribute to UNECE’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by promoting private sector participation in the ports sector – a main driver of economic growth.
ICE4P aims to promote best practices in Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the ports sector in order to serve the interests of all stakeholders and, by doing so, to stimulate the sustainable development of port infrastructure worldwide. For this, the centre shall identify international best practice models, establish strategic partnerships, communicate with all stakeholders, and develop and sustain global expertise in PPP for Ports.


1. To enhance the interaction between private sector and public sector stakeholders internationally and promote closer cooperation among them;
2. To conduct research to compile cases of PPP in the ports sector;
3. To identify PPP best practice models in the ports sector;
4. To maintain a digital database and library of all PPP port projects in the world, be they existing, under construction, being tendered or still in the planning phase;
5. To organize, host and fund regular workshops, training programs, seminars and webinars on PPP for Ports;
6. To publish and disseminate information on PPP for Ports.


The International Specialist Centre of Excellence in PPP for Ports (ICE4P) will be relying on the in-house expertise of the HCP for daily operations management and will be retaining port specialist consultants for specific tasks. Tenders for advisory work will be posted here (link to tenders\advisors)

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